Predictors and Barriers Associated with Non-Adherence to ART by People Living with HIV and AIDS in a Selected Local Municipality of Limpopo Province, South Africa

The Open AIDS Journal 29 December 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18746136-v17-230726-2023-2



The partial success of Anti-Retroviral treatment remains a challenge, therefore, contributory factors need to be addressed for treatment success. For instance, issues leading to ART non-adherence, that can be prevented, must be identified and addressed. Prevention of HIV has remained the best approach to controlling the spread of HIV, as there is no definitive cure yet. This study aimed at identifying predictors and barriers associated with ART non-adherence amongst HIV patients attending an adult antiretroviral clinic in Makhado Municipality, Limpopo Province, South Africa


A cross-sectional study was conducted with patients who were on antiretroviral treatment, were attending HIV and AIDS clinics, and whose ages ranged from 18 years and above; structured questionnaires were distributed to these respondents.


A total of 225 respondents participated in the study. There were more female (68%) respondents; most respondents (72%) were unemployed. They travelled more than 15 km to the treatment centers and over half (65%) of the respondents have been on ART treatment for less than five years. The financial cost, the long distance travelled, and forgetfulness were identified as some of the barriers to ART adherence. Respondents mentioned the provision of health education as one of the strategies that might assist in improving adherence.


Non-adherence to ART poses a significant challenge in the study area. The study concluded that lack of knowledge regarding the urgency of follow-up and financial constraints were contributing to ART non-adherence, therefore, HIV education should form part of the curriculum in the basic education syllabus.

Keywords: Antiretroviral therapy, Barriers, Non-adherence, Predictors, People Living with HIV and AIDS, Anti-Retroviral.
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